Adin Morales Lopez

Adin was born in the city of Managua in September 29 1986. His passion for science, biology, and love for animals led him to study veterinary medicine at the National Agrarian University in 2004.

In 2005, Adin volunteered at Fundación Amigos del Zoológico Nicaragüense (FAZOONIC) for 4 years in total. He gave professional support to the areas of food, internal medicine as well as the wildlife rehabilitation center. During this time he taught basic courses in wildlife management to schools and state institutions.

In 2009, Adin finished University, culminating in an undergraduate study in clinical ophthalmology in small animals, sparking an interest in the field of internal medicine and small animal surgery.

In 2010 Adin started as a veterinarian in a small species clinic located in Managua called Centro de Diagnostico las Colinas Sur. Adin committed over 10 years at this location acquiring necessary clinical experience specializing in companion animals.

In 2011, together with 4 colleagues, he started a project to facilitate the support of Nicaraguan and foreign veterinarians catering to domestic animals. The team offered consultations, sterilizations, laparotomy, soft tissue, & orthopedic surgeries. They also provided dental care as well as hardware to the most vulnerable patients within the country’s underserved communities. Founding NicaVets. NicaVets still functions today and Adin still volunteers on trips around the country when available.

In 2016, Adin began communicating with foreigners living on Little Corn Island in order to provide veterinary care to the underserved communities on the Island. Due to his efforts he was embraced by the community & became the veterinary leader of UMAVET CLINIC, a non-profit organization managed by foreigners living on Little Corn Island.

In 2017, Adin completed several internships in various veterinary clinics in Tuscany, Italy where he developed skills in internal medicine & orthopedic surgery.

Adin is a skilled reader, loves nature, camping, mentoring future vets and Cross Fit.